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Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team

Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team


“Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team” (SSPIHCST) was formerly known as “Pak Tin Home Help Service Centre” and “Shek Kip Mei Home Help Service Centre”. The Pak Tin Centre was established in 1976 and the Shek Kip Mei centre was established in 1986. 

Following the re-engineering of Community Support Services for Elders by Social Welfare Department in 2003, these two centres were combined and renamed as “Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team” and further strengthened our services for the needy who are living in the community.

Service Target

  • Seniors aged 60 or above who live in the community
  • Persons with disabilities or illnesses
  • Individuals and families with social needs 


All age groups are eligible to apply the service. Applicants must be Hong Kong citizens and living in the community. Escort service can be provided for residents of residential units while they are on home leave. (Priority will be given to those low-income individuals or families which are lack of social support)


Application for Service

  • Persons in need can apply services for “Ordinary Case” or “Frail Case” through the following procedures: 
Case Category Ordinary Case
(No to mild level of impairment)
Frail Case
(Assessed to be in the state of moderate or severe level of impairment by the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services of Social Welfare Department)
Procedure Referred by Social Welfare Department or Medical units Self-referred or Referred by others Referred by Social Welfare Department or Medical units

Interview and Assessment by our team

Eligible for service

Our staff contact applicant for service arrangement

Interview and Assessment by Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism Office of Social Welfare Department

Eligible for service

Our staff contact applicant for service arrangement



  • Our registered social workers/nurses will conduct regular assessment and review to update the situations of service users. According to the latest conditions of service users, services will be revised or terminated. 
  • Service users may request for service termination anytime. Before termination, social workers will try to ensure the users can have alternative resources to cater their needs. 

Office hours

Monday to Saturday (Public Holidays inclusive) 8:30am- 6:00pm
Sundays and the 1st  to 3rd day of Lunar New Year Closed (but services can be arranged for service users with special needs)

Service Boundary

Case Category Ordinary Case Frail Case
Service Boundary Shek Kip Mei Estate :
Mei Yue House, Mei Ying House, Mei Leong House, Mei Sang House, Mei Shing House, Mei Wui House, Mei Yick House, Mei Yin House, Mei Hei House, Mei Pak House, Mei Kwai House, Mei Cheong House, Block 19 - 24, Block 42(Mei Shan House), Block 43(Mei Hung House), Block 44(Mei Choi House)

Pak Tin Estate:
Shing Tin House, Cheong Tin House, Shui Tin House, On Tin House, Lai Tin House, Wan Tin House, Tai Tin House, Hong Tin House, Kin Tin House, Wing Tin House, Sum Tin House, Block 9-11

Tai Hang Sai Estate 

Pak Tin and Tai Hang Sai Private Housings:
Fook Tin Building, Kam Yuck Building, Tin Fung House, Pak Yuk House, Po Tin Building, Nam Cheong Commercial Building, Ample Building

Other Private Housings:
Un Chau Street 1-13(Odd), 86-298 (Even), Wai Wai Road (Even), Shunning Road 1-85(Odd), 2-98 (Even), Castle Peak Road 101-213 (Odd), 58-186(Even), Kiu Kiang Street157-163(Odd), 156-172 (Even), Kowloon Road 1-9 (Odd), 2-18 (Even), Camp Street 147-173 (Odd), 124-148 (Even), Kiu Yam Street 1-7 (Odd), 2-22 (Even),Po On Road 1-65 (Odd), 2-36 (Even), Pratas Street 167B-201(Odd), 158-190 (Even), Tonkin Street 40-58 (Even), Cronin Garden, Heya Green, Merlin Centre, Cheung Sha Wan Road 22-146(Even), Fuk Wah Street 1-93A(Odd), 2-64A(Even), Sam Ying Building, Fuk Wing Street 1-69(Odd), 2-30(Even), Tai Po Road 1-45(Odd), 6-178(Even), Yiu Tung Street 1-14(Odd & Even)18-22(Even), Berwick Street 1-29(Odd), Sai Yeung Choi Street North 191-289(Odd), 430-486(Even), Sai Yeung Choi Lane 7-11(Odd), Wong Chuk Street 15E-57(Odd), 4-56(Even), Maple Street 21-33(Odd), 2M, 2N, 4-6(Even), Kwong Hing Building, Nam Cheong Street 146-220(Even), Poplar Street 25E(Hang Shing Building), F, J, 27-31(Odd), 36-72(Even), Boundary Street 43-51(High Park), Shek Kip Mei Street 19-55(Odd), 22-56(Even)
Sham Shui Po District


Services for Frail cases

  • Care management
  • Personal care
  • Day Care services
  • Day respite service
  • Counselling services
  • Home making and meal services
  • Transportation and escort services
  • Basic and special nursing care
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Carer support services
  • Home respite service
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Environmental risk assessment and home modifications

Services for Ordinary cases

  • Personal care
  • General household or domestic duties 
  • Care for young children
  • Environment risk and health assessment
  • Provision of meals and laundry service
  • Simple nursing care
  • Escort
  • Home respite service
  • Purchase and delivery of daily necessities
  • Other services, e.g. carer support services 

Service Charge

  • Service charge is based on a sliding scale with reference to financial situations of applicants. It may be revised annually.

Inquiries and Comments

For any inquiries and comments, please contact us on 2776 5712 or visit our team in person during opening hours. 

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community