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Integrated Home Care Service

Integrated Home Care Service

Service Objectives

Our Integrated Home Care Service is devoted to put the rationales of “continuum of care” and “ageing in place” into practice. Through providing community care services to senior citizens and needy people, we enable them to live in their own familiar community and enjoy a delightful, autonomous, dignified and hopeful life with comprehensive care. We are dedicated to:

  1. Provide support services to those individuals or families who need support for their daily living due to frailties, illnesses or lack of care.
  2. Provide nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation training to frail seniors to enhance their self-care and cognitive ability, as a result facilitate them to stay in the community and avoid premature admission to residential facilities. 
  3. Strengthen the community support network of service users to facilitate them to integrate and enjoy an active living in the community.


The three main service targets of Integrated Home Care Service include: Seniors aged 60 or above who are living in the community, People with disabilities or illnesses, and Individuals and families with social needs. According to the varied needs of these target groups, they are classified into two categories: (1) Ordinary Cases (persons suffer from no to mild level of impairment or disabilities), and (2) Frail Cases (seniors assessed to be in the state of moderate or severe level of impairment by the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services of Social Welfare Department).  Our Integrated Home Care Service Teams in Kwun Tong and Shamshuipo serve nearly 700 cases and the annual service attendance exceeds 160,000. Major Service Contents include:

  • Meal service
  • Simple nursing care 
  • General household or domestic duties
  • Escort service
  • Laundry service
  • Purchase and delivery of daily necessities
  • Home safety and health assessment
  • Support to carers 

Apart from the above services, other services provided to Frail Cases include: Case management, special nursing care, rehabilitation exercises, day care and home respite, 24-hour emergency support, etc.

In addition to regular home support and care services, we actively explore resources to provide preventive health assessment and early treatment to meet the special needs of service users, such as foot pathology, chronic pain. Moreover, we concern the mental and social wellness of the seniors. Therefore, various activities such as volunteer visits, festival celebration and outings are organised so as to facilitate the seniors to strengthen their social support networks, facilitate them to recognise their strengths and actively integrate into the community to enjoy an autonomous and dignified life.  

Service units

  • Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team
  • Wan Hon Integrated Home Care Service Team

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community