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“Angel of Hope” Programme – Parent-child Volunteer & Monthly Donation Programme

“Angel of Hope” Programme – Parent-child Volunteer & Monthly Donation Programme

Programme introduction

Objectives: The Programme aims at instilling positive values and attitudes in children, nurturing them to become an “Angel of Hope” with a caring heart and enhancing family relationships through various parent-child activities.

Target participants: Children studying in nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools (2-year-old or above)

Programme period: From October each year to next September. (Membership will be renewed automatically each year until further notice from members.)

Programme details

  • Volunteering: for example, visits, flag-selling and handicraft making etc.
  • Small monthly charitable donation: fixed amount of HK$50 per month
  • Free workshops: for example, parent-child communications skills, child emotion management and “biliteracy and trilingualism” development etc.

    * Please stay tuned for activity updates from the Secretariat and join our activities.

Member Privileges

  • Annual certificate of participation
  • Certificate of Merit for those who have completed volunteering services for 6 hours or above. 
  • Angel of Hope badges for newly joined members
  • Acknowledgement in HKCS website and annual report with annual thank you letter/card
  • Tax deductible donation receipts
  • HKCS e-newsletter which provides the latest updates on our service development

Use of Funds

Support the HKCS Service Development Fund