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Audio and Video Service

Audio and Video Service


Our Communication Centre provides audio services for schools, churches, government departments and the public for sound recording, audio mixing and radio programme production. Through the production of high quality training materials or project videos, we assist to impart knowledge and technique to different parties. We also produce audio clips for Ethnic Minorities to learn Cantonese. We produce videos to arouse public concern about social problems. In the past, the videos also helped to promote positive living attitude during the time of SARS, financial tsunami and facing difficulties.


Service Targets

Schools, churches, companies, government departments and social service agencies.

Serviced Organisation:

  • RTHK Chinese/English Religious Broadcasting Advisory Committee
  • International Classic Culture Association
  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
  • Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School (Kindergarten)
  • ECO Association
  • Tai Po Baptist Church Social Services


Service Contents

Renting recording studio and video production include:

  • Video Production
  • Recording Studio Rental
  • VCD or CD Mass Duplication
  • Voice Over
  • Digital Audio Mixing
  • Audio-Visual Materials Rental
  • Song production (such as kids song CD, individual song recording)
  • Teaching materials production (such as Apps story)


Video Production

  • Promo production
  • Event Shooting (such as opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, press conference)
  • Education video
  • Post production



Recording Studio Rental

(Panel control and professional advice are included)

Recording / post production Fee Special price
(churches / schools / NGOs)
Service hour (per hour) $480 $310
Non service hour (additional surcharge per hour) $130 $110
Piano rental (additional surcharge per hour) $160 $130

* Remarks:

  • Please bring your own background music for making personal recordings (MP3/WAV/CD)
  • Please make appointment for recording
  • Only cash is accepted for new clients

For enquiry, please call 2731 6394 or cc@hkcs.org

Video Production

Item Fee Special price
(churches / schools / NGOs) 
Video production    
a. Video shooting and production Ask for quotation Ask for quotation
b. Video editing (per hour) $460 $300
Mass Duplication
Ask for quotation Ask for quotation

For enquiry, please call 2731 6264 or cc@hkcs.org

Service Hours

Monday to Friday 8:45am – 5:30pm