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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS)


Rooted in the Christian faith, responding to the call of God, and imitating Jesus Christ in our service to the community

Rooted in the Christian faith, we seek to respond to the call of our God and to imitate the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate, who entered our world and served selflessly. We strive to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God so as to build a just, peaceful and benevolent society in which the underprivileged and disadvantaged can also experience the blessings of God.


Towards a Benevolent and Just Society
Holistic Development for All

To build a benevolent and just society that respects individual differences and embraces shared social responsibility, in order that everyone enjoys sufficient care, protection, and holistic development.


Instill Hope

To provide diversified, effective and professional services to various social groups, especially the disadvantaged with specific needs and limitations, serving in humility and working in partnership with all stakeholders.

Advocate Justice

To be the voice of the times, joining hands with citizens to participate in policy-making and reform in furtherance of a fair, just, balanced and sustainable society.

Promote Harmony

To be a peacemaker, bringing together different social groups, enabling them to break through barriers, achieve mutual understanding, and together cultivate a caring and inclusive social environment.

Core Values

People Centredness
Caring for the Whole Person

We offer holistic services to enhance whole-person wellness, in recognition of the uniqueness, dignity, value and potential of every individual.

Professional Team
Pursuing Excellence and Innovation

We uphold a team of sensitive, innovative, positive-minded and mission-driven staff who strive for excellence and continuous service improvement.

Benevolence and Justice
Cultivating Fullness of Life

We advocate a benevolent and just society wherein each member can live life to the fullest, actively engaging in and enjoying the fruit of social advancement.