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Multicultural, Rehabilitation & Community Service

Multicultural, Rehabilitation & Community Service

Service Introduction

We believe that cultural diversity should be respected, everyone has equal access to their basic rights, receive opportunities for developing their potentials and making contribution to the society without prejudice. We are devoted to providing holistic and diversified services to persons with multicultural backgrounds and persons with disabilities, supporting them to face with life challenges, empowering their strengths and developing their self-confidence and community support network. Through setting up different community platforms, promoting self-help and mutual support, we endeavour to build up a cohesive and harmonious community to achieve social inclusion and integration. As early as 2004, we have started our very first project for South Asians and in the following years, a series of innovative services were developed to support persons with multicultural backgrounds which included the first and only operator of interpretation and translation services funded by the government since 2009. At present, our service  covered child and youth, women as well as families. On Wah Day Activity Centre was established in 2003 to promote the holistic development of mentally handicapped persons and improve their quality of life. Community Service, established in 2019, aims at promoting community development to enhance cohesion and impact of mutual support networks in the community.

Service Objectives

  • To build up the capacity of persons with  multicultural backgrounds to address and cope with their difficulties, strengthen their connections with the community and promote mutual understanding and respect on diversity; 
  • To promote a comprehensive development for persons with disabilities, facilitate them to live actively in community, enhance their quality of life with their carers and establish a socially inclusive society;
  • To promote community development, explore potential community resources and build up community capacity to serve the disadvantaged;
  • To advocate policies and social environment that meet the needs of our service users.


Service Units

  • M.O.T.I.ON – Multicultural Outreaching Team for InclusiON
  • Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER)
  • "C-for-Chinese@JC" Project
  • Jockey Club STEPS Project
  • On Wah Day Activity Centre
  • Jockey Club Experiential Learning Project for Students with Special Educational Needs
  • Jockey Club S.A.T.H. Project for Healthy Families
  • “Food To-Gather” Short-term Food Assistance Service Team (Shamshuipo)



Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community