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Navigating Adversity Counselling Service

Navigating Adversity Counselling Service


We have been providing professional counselling services as early as the 1970s. As the Hong Kong Economy faced great change and many Hong Kong residents experienced adversity in 2009, the Navigating Adversity Counselling Service was launched to provide professional counselling as well as preventive and educational service to Hong Kong residents in distress. Since April 2014, we have been receiving funding from the Community Chest of Hong Kong to continue with the Project, and gradually developing as a very low fee-charging professional counselling service.

Service Objective

We provide professional and in-depth personal and family counselling as well as groups and workshops to enhance service users’ resilience, to facilitate them to adjust their life patterns and to turn latent crises to positive growth opportunities.

Service Content 

Personal and Family Counselling

To provide counselling to those who feel troubled and seek help so that they can release their negative emotions, relieve their tense family relationship and find positive ways of coping.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • emotional management
  • stress management
  • adjustment to life changes
  • interpersonal relationship
  • dating and courtship
  • couple relationship
  • parenting
  • family relationship
  • in-law relationship
  • personal growth


Group and Workshop
  • To enhance participants’ resilience and skills for personal growth and interpersonal relationship.
  • We often organise groups/workshops that apply theories and approaches like Satir Model, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis®.


Service Target

Hong Kong residents and their family members

Service Application

Counselling Service: Please call our counsellor for enquiry and registration.

Group and Workshop: Please fill in the application form for the group/ workshop.

Service Fee

Counselling: Individual $1,200 / Couple $1,600 / Family $1,800 (one-off payment for the whole course of counselling)*#

Group/ Workshop: Please check the programme information*

* Pay before the first interview

# Persons receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or with financial difficulty can apply for fee concession.

Service Termination

Counselling Service: Service will be terminated when the agreed counselling plan is completed or when the counsellor has made appropriate referrals. Service user can also contact his/her responsible counsellor for termination of service.

Group/Workshop: Service user can contact the responsible staff.

Service Hours

Enquiry Monday to Friday : 9:00 am - 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm 
Counselling Service By appointment (for both daytime and evening service)
Group/Workshop Depends on individual programme.