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Shun Lee Home for the Elderly

Shun Lee Home for the Elderly


“Shun Lee Home for the Elderly”, situated in Shun Lee Estate in Kwun Tong, has been providing residential care services to the seniors since 1981. In order to meet the service needs, it has been converted to a 58-capacity home providing continuum of care in 2013.

Valuing the principle of “continuum of care” and with “client-centred” as our service goal, we provide residential care services to seniors who were assessed to be in the state of moderate or severe level of impairment by the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services of Social Welfare Department. Services including nursing care, rehabilitation, and social and development programmes are rendered to the seniors according to their needs in order to enhance or maintain their health, facilitate them to utilise their potential and participate in the community, enhance the communication between seniors and their family as well as relieving the pressure of caregivers. 

Service Target

Applicants must be assessed by the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services of Social Welfare Department as suitable to access residential home providing continuum of care, and meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 65 or above (persons aged between 60 and 64 may apply for service if there is a proven need)
  • Mentally suitable for group life

Application for Service

Family Service Centres
Medical Social Work Unit
District Elderly Community Centres/ Neighborhood Elderly Centres

Interview and Assessment by

Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services of Social Welfare Department 

Eligible Applicant
Enter the Central Waiting List for Long Term Care Service 
(Subvented Residential Care Homes for the Elderly)
Allocation of service by
Social Welfare Department
Our staff informs the applicant and arranges 
interview and site visit
Arrangement of provision of service for suitable applicant


  • Residents can apply for exit from our service in writing at least one month before the withdrawal.

Service Hours

  • We provide 24-hour round-the-clock services to the residents.

Service Contents

  • Nursing Care Service
    Professional nurses provide nursing care and health consultation to residents according to their needs, services including supervision of medication, daily health check, health counseling and personal care, as well as arrangement of physical check and health education programmes. 

  • Medical Service
    Regular medical consultation services are provided by visiting registered medical practitioners. Support is also provided by visiting doctors of Psycho-geriatric service and Community Geriatric Assessment service from Hospital Authority.

  • Personal Care Service
    Trained nursing and rehabilitation service team provides personal care to residents in need, such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and toilet training etc. Regular laundry service is also rendered to residents. 

  • Meal Service
    Daily meal service is provided according to the health situations of residents including special diets as recommended by medical practitioners to achieve a balanced diet for the residents.

  • Rehabilitation Service
    Physiotherapist and occupational therapist provide regular assessment; therapeutic exercise and treatment, on either a group or individual basis, to maintain or improve the physical and cognitive functioning of residents.

  • Psychological and Social Support Service
    Individual counseling service, professional assessment and emotional support are provided by social workers to enhance psychological wellbeing of residents. We also organise a wide variety of social activities such as birthday parties, picnics, festival celebration, visits and talks to facilitate residents to develop their potential and enjoy an active life. 

  • Spiritual Support Service
    With collaboration with local churches and organisations, pastoral care and support are provided to residents regularly so as to facilitate their spiritual wellbeing. 

Fees and Charges

  • Fees will be charged according to the guidelines set by the Social Welfare Department.

Respite service for the Elderly

  • Residential respite service is attached in our elderly home. This is a form of temporary or short-term residential care service for elders. It serves the objective of providing a temporary relief for family members or relatives who are the main caregivers of elders requiring a certain degree of personal care whilst residing in the community. It aims at facilitating their roles as caregivers. The elders will continue to reside in the community and to be cared by the family members after the respite service.
Application Procedures
Applicants can make a request for service via the Social Welfare Department or Non-governmental Organisations, Integrated Family Service Centre, Medical Social Work Unit, District Elderly Community Centre, Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Integrated Home Care Services.
Fee Charging
Fees will be charged according to the guidelines set by the Social Welfare Department.

Inquiries and Comments

For any inquiries and comments, please contact us on 2342 0346 or send your opinions together with your name and contact means to us directly.

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community