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Pario Education Service

Pario Education Service


Provide accurate, simple and practical childcare knowledge to parents or caregivers and quality services to their children aged 0-6, so that they can fulfil their parenting and caretaking responsibilities more effectively. As a result, with proper nurturing and guidance, young children can grow up healthily and happily.


Parent Education

Families have a profound impact on children's growth. Parents need to own correct knowledge and skills in parenting and constantly reflect on their own attitudes and parenting methods in order to enhance their sense of competence and capability in parenting. We render educational services in different forms and themes to improve their parenting skills.


Infants and Toddlers Training

We are convinced that every life is valuable and each individual is of different potential. Therefore, we invite pediatricians, university professors, lecturers, and experienced therapists to form professional advisory groups. They research on and suggest us the best ways to inspire our children so that they can learn and grow in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere.


Public Education

Through public lectures, seminars, media interviews, articles for newspapers and magazines, production of audio-visual teaching materials and online educational platform, we promote parenting education and establish a correct social view on nurturing children.

Our Services

  • Pario Education Centre
    • Pario Education Centre (Tsim Sha Tsui)
    • Pario Education Centre (Kwun Tong)

  • Pario Arts Education Centre

  • Healthy Seed Centre