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"BLOG" Hidden Youth Career Life Development Service

"BLOG" Hidden Youth Career Life Development Service

Service Introduction

We are the first agency to engage in tackling the issue of hidden youth phenomenon in Hong Kong. Since 2003, we have started a pilot counselling service with the support of various funding. Starting from April 2016, the hidden youth counseling service which is named "BLOG" Hidden Youth Career Life Development Service was officially integrated into our mainstream integrated children and youth service in the Kowloon West and Hong Kong Island Districts. In 2022, thanks to the generous support from the Hongkong Land HOME FUND, the service territory of the "BLOG" Hidden Youth Career Life Development Service is further extended to the New Territories District to eliminate the existing service gap. The extension of the service territory to the New Territories was officially started on 1st September 2022.

Recently, the "BLOG" Hidden Youth Career Life Development Service Team from all three districts, New Territories, Kowloon West and Hong Kong Island are aimed at fostering the youth to get rid of their “Hidden” situation, explore multiple interests, and develop meaningful engagement.


Service Contents

Services are provided in both horizontal and vertical perspectives. Vertically, we would assess the motivation of the youth, arouse and enhance their psychological health, and help them reintegrate into the society. Horizontally, we would help the youth breakthrough their “Hidden” situation by rebuilding their social network and connecting to the community.

  • Counselling Hotline:Registration and enquiry service are provided by the on-duty social worker.

  • Case Work follow up:Through home visits and casework service, social workers in order to build a trustful relationship with the youth, provide counselling service and interest-development intervention aim to enhance motivation for reintegrating into the society.

  • Career and Life Planning:Different activities are provided by social workers based on the motivation and interest of the youth, including self-understating workshop, social skills training, outdoor activities, job placement and so on are provided to assist the youth to explore and formulate for their career and life goals.

  • Social Network Development:To build up the social network for the youth, different activities are provided in establishing regular contact with people.

  • Family Support:Regular parents group and activities such as parent-child communication skills training and youth culture introduction workshop are provided to create network among parents for enhancing mutual support.

  • School Support Service for High-Risk Social Withdrawal Youth (New Territories Team):An identification system is established by collaborating with secondary schools, so as to identify high-risk social withdrawal students at an early stage and prevent them from entering into hidden status. Tailor-made preventive programmes for students with low motivation, unstable attendance and confusing life development path are also provided, in order to enhance their motivation for getting back on track.

Service Targets

  • Kowloon West and Hong Kong Island: Youths aged from 13 to 24 who has maintained a situation of “Hidden” for 3 months or above;
  • New Territories: Young people aged from 13 to 29 who has maintained a situation of “Hidden” for 3 months or above and whose families are in low-income situations;
  • Secondary school students aged from 12-18 who are in high-risk social withdrawal status (services provided in collaboration with secondary school teachers/social workers).


Service Area

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon West and New Territories.

Service Application

Service applications can be made by directly contacting our social workers through the hotline during service hours. Referrals from other agencies are also accepted. The service is free of charge.

Service Termination

Service users can approach the social worker in charge anytime for termination of service.

Hotline Service Hours

Hong Kong Island and Kowloon West
Monday to Friday 10:00am -10:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
New Territories
Monday to Friday 10:00am -1:00pm, 2:00pm -6:00pm

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