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Empowerment and Advocacy Work

Empowerment and Advocacy Work

Service Objectives

With “advocate justice” as one of our agency missions, we actively concern and promptly respond to social policies and welfare related to the seniors as well as arousing public awareness. We intend to empower the seniors, facilitate them to know, concern and participate in social welfare and actively voice out their opinions. With partnership with the seniors and the stakeholders, we are dedicated to advocate reasonable social policies and cultivate a favorable and equitable living environment for the seniors.


We adopt diversified working approaches to show our concern and respond to social policies related to the seniors including: cluster level regular working group on advocacy work, ad hoc group on specific topics, survey and research work, response to government consultation documents, participate in meetings conducted by government or concern groups, etc. With regard to facilitate empowerment of the seniors, the “Elderly Council” (EC) has been formed to enable sour service users to understand the issues related to the seniors and encourage their participation in advocacy work. Besides, 4 “District Elderly Councils” have been formed in our DECC and 3 NECs so as to encourage the seniors’ involvement in district affairs.

Service Unit

  • Elderly Council


Advocacy & Research Work in last 3 years

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community

Elderly, Rehabilitation & Community