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Special Child Care Centre

Special Child Care Centre


The Cheung Wah Child Care Centre formally came into service in 1997. It provides intensive quality day care, education and training services for children aged 2 to 6 with moderate to severe disabilities. Currently, there are 48 service places available.


We are convinced that early nurturing and training will allow children to achieve their best potential. Conjoint effort by parents and professionals can enhance the quality of life of infants and toddlers with special needs effectively. We are determined to build an inclusive society full of love and hope so that every child who has special needs can be well cultivated.


  • Enable children with special needs to grow and learn in a safe, healthy and accepting school environment.
  • Promote holistic development and full potentials of children through diverse and individualised learning activities and systematic training.
  • Foster parents' effective nurturing of children through partnership and active communication with families.


  • Provide full-time quality day care, education and training services to promote children's holistic development in physical fitness, fine motor skills, cognition, language, self-care, social emotions and aesthetics, and lay a solid foundation for future growth and rehabilitation.
  • Teach parents to make good use of different methods, environments and daily life to guide the development of children in all aspects.
  • Help parents understand and accept the developmental and learning needs of children and manage their stress and difficulties in life through counselling and parenting education services.

Target Service Users

Children aged 2-6 with moderate to severe disabilities.

Application Procedure

Children who need to apply for service may be placed on the waiting list of the Social Welfare Department’s (SWD) "Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services" by referral from Maternal and Child Health Centres, Child Assessment Centres, Integrated Family Service Centres, medical social workers, pediatricians or psychologists. Upon receipt of admission notice from the SWD, our centre will inform parents for processing enrolment procedures.

Withdrawal Procedure

If parents choose to withdraw the services, they must notify the centre in writing and complete the related procedures one month in advance.

In addition, we will terminate the provision of services to children under the following circumstances:

  • The child reaches the first 1st September after attaining the age of 6.
  • The child promotes to Primary School.
  • The child’s overall ability is now consistent with the development stage of his/her age.
  • The child decides to use other types of SWD-funded preschool rehabilitation placements.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The centre will notify parents in advance for Lunar New Year, Christmas and summer holidays.

Scope of Services

  • Assessment of child development and training progress
    Developmental assessment for children will be conducted after enrolment. Based on the assessment results, students will be assigned to different classes, with tailor-made individual education plans and curriculum. Periodic review assessments will be conducted by therapists and special child care workers every 6 months.

  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    Our centre designs "Individual Education Plans" in response to individual assessment results of children and the learning objectives will be achieved through individual or group training or therapy.

  • Class and Routine Learning
    The specially designed curriculum provides children with well-balanced, diverse learning activities and interpersonal interaction. Through thematic teaching, festivals, special events, outdoor learning and visits, the centre allows children to enjoy a rich and joyous campus life.

  • Day care
    The centre provides a safe and hygienic environment for children, meals, nursing and related care services. Children can attend their whole-day schooling with quality care, which gives parents a peace of mind.

  • Specialised services designed for children with autism
    Intensive teaching is rendered to children with autism based on the structured teaching method, Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH), supplemented by other training modes such as social stories, picture exchange communication system (PECS), sensory integration (SI) therapy and theory of mind (TOM). We also provide counselling support to parents and implement parenting education programmes.

  • Individual or family counselling and support
    We place high concern on needs of families and provide appropriate services to enable families to function properly. Our services include individual and family counselling, parent groups, educational seminars, introduction of community resource and referral for services.

  • Borrowing of books, toys and equipment/special aids
    We assist parents to train their children at home and improve discipline through our borrowing service. We also guide parents to select suitable toys for children to promote the cognitive, mental and physical development of children and at the same time regain parenting pleasure.

  • School bus service
    School bus services are provided to support families and ease parenting stress. In recent years, cross-border school children are provided with pick-up service to the Lok Ma Chau Frontier Closed Area.

  • Social inclusion programme
    Every year, the centre actively arranges children's and parents' participation in community activities such as visits to elderly centres and community art exhibitions. Children demonstrate their potential and establish a positive image through such community participation.

Service Features

  • Transciplinary Collaborative Mode
    Our team consists of educational psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers and special child care workers.

  • Professional Consultant Support
    Professional advice are received from senior pediatricians, educational psychologists and clinical psychologists; university professors of rehabilitation therapy, speech and hearing sciences and applied social sciences, etc.

  • Encourage Parental Involvement
    Parents are encouraged to attend children's training sessions for equipping training skills. Through educational seminars and sharing groups, parents can understand the developmental needs and training content of their children and share their parenting experiences.

  • Mutual Aid Network for Parents
    The "Chih Ai Parents’ Association" is an inter-centres parent organisation which was established in 1982. In addition to promoting mutual support and interaction among parents, it also keeps abreast of policies and service development related to children with special needs.


School fee is free of charge. Other fees are set according to the Social Welfare Department(SWD).