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Marvel Imprint II

Marvel Imprint II

(A Supportive Service for Pregnant Women or Mothers with Drug Problems or Influenced by their Drug Addicted Partners)



Pregnancy offers an opportunity for females to review their past living patterns. Most of them are able to make changes due to their concerns about the health of fetus. Nevertheless, their challenges and problems in the perinatal period including medical care, child coaching, and lack of support network could be overcome by early multidisciplinary intervention.

Marvel Imprint is a specialised project funded by Beat Drugs Fund. We aim at providing a comprehensive supportive service to pregnant women or mothers with drug problems, helping them facing the pre and postnatal care needs and rebuilds their networks to the community to establish a marvel new life.

This 3-year project has been launching since 1st July, 2020.


  • To enhance pregnant women and mothers’ ability to resist drug.
  • To increase knowledge and self-efficacy of parenting and promote parent-child relationship.
  • To promote social involvement and build up social support networks.

Service Target

  • Pregnant women or mothers with drug problems
  • Pregnant women or mothers who are influenced by their drug addicted partners, and their children aged below 6

Service Contents

  • Individual Counselling and reach-out service
  • Support groups for mothers and pregnant women
  • Medical support – pre and postnatal care
  • Parenting/ learning groups for kids
  • Child coaching/Family aide service 
  • Children development assessment
  • Parent-child or family activities
  • Volunteer service 

Service Application

Service users can contact our social workers for enquiry and make applications. We also accept referrals by other parties and social service units. Counselling, groups and activities, medical consultations and body check are free of charges. 

Service Termination

Service users can approach the responsible social workers for discussion of the termination of services.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 10:00am - 1:00pm & 2:00pm - 6:00pm
(Service will be rendered during non-office hour whenever needs arise)
Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays Closed

Funded by

Funded by Beat Drugs Fund


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Youth & Social Rehabilitation

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